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The Work of God in the Former Soviet Union

From Sergei Mochalov in Siberia

Note: Since Sergei ia a Siberian national his English is an additional language and the article is as he wrote it.

Thanks be to the Almighty! By the mercy of Christ Redeemer, we continue to extend the savor of our sovereign God in Siberia! We give thanks to God for your prayers about us. We also pray for you and for the Churches of God. We ask the Lord to bless you abundantly and to send you a lot of grace to fulfill His will!

God has blessed our church. We baptized 5 people in July. Praise be to Christ! My younger son, Michael, was saved by the mercy of God!

Every July and August is a bad period for me because many plants blossom which are my allergens. But by the mercy of God, this year I have a less aggressive allergy reaction. And I easily endure this time frame. Therefore I was able to work more for God.

We visited and encouraged the church in the town of Cheremhovo. In many other churches in Russia the meetings have resumed only in the beginning of August. But we have been having meetings during all this period of time in our church in Irkutsk and in the church of Grace in Cheremhovo. Our hearts were directed by God to act like this. Praise be to the Lord!

We visited the church of the town of Svirsk, and encouraged them. They hadn't had meetings until the end of July. The fear filled their hearts. It was very sad. The Lord blessed us to calm them by the Word and to teach them to trust God absolutely like the apostle Paul did: "For to me to live [is] Christ, and to die [is] gain. Phil.1:21"

We were invited by the church of the village of Ust-Uda, to support them and to encourage them in faith. The church decreased in numbers. Now there are only 4 people left. God blessed us to visit people and preach to them the Gospel of the sovereign grace of Christ. There was one man by the name of Victor who had visited the church earlier, but left. Now he returned and began to visit meetings. Praise to God! There were also some more people who came to the meeting and listened to the sermon about Christ's glory. 

We continue preaching the Gospel in villages, distributing christian literature, New Testaments and disks with sermons to people. Our media ministry on the YouTube channel and on social networks spreads to a large number of people in Russia. We recieved an email from the village of Boguchany, it is in Krasnoyarsk Krai, 530 kilometers down the River Angara below the town of Ust-Ilimsk. 11,000 people live there. There is a man-centered church and liberal worship: dances, drums and carnal joy. There are 21 members in this group. The pastor of this modern church started listening to our sermons, and the Lord changed his heart. He believes in God's sovereignty. His name is Andrey. He wrote us a letter, and we sent him many books. He began to preach the truth of God in the church. The leaders of their union learned about this and sent some ministers who expelled Andrey from the church! He had been a pastor of the church for 15 years! Brother Nikolay from the church in the town of Bratsk and brother Anatoly from the church in the town of Ust-Ilimsk are going to visit brother Andrey in Boguchany in the beginning of September. The brothers will pray to God about opportunities to start a new church of grace there. Praise be to God for His great works! God takes the chosen to Christ!

We ask you to pray for all these churches and scheduled ministries. Pray for a building for the church of the town of Bratsk. God brings new people there. Now there are 8 members of the church. There are also 2 more new people (newly married couple) who began to visit the church. They need regeneration!

Pray for our church that God will bring new people and grow up new ministers and that there would be devoted people for work in God's vineyard.

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