From Kyle White

A quote Sergei Mochalov, Siberia “Also we were in the church of the city of Ust Ilimsk where brother Anatoly is the pastor. Alas … they were deprived by opportunities to rent halls for ministry. The local authorities of the city expel all gospel churches from rented halls. Such heavy times for the church in Russia. The Lord blessed them to rent the apartment at one person. This person is going to sell this apartment. He set the price of the apartment of 1,5 million rubles till June 2020. Then he will raise it because there is a new factory being built in the city, and the leaders of factory buy up apartments in the city for their workers. They give 2 million for this apartment. But the owner of that apartment, decided to help Christians. So he will wait till June and won't raise the price over 1,5 million rubles. If the church is able to collect this money, they will be able to buy this apartment. The area of this apartment is 80 square meters (about 860square feet). The intermediate walls were removed and now there is a hall of 12 meters in length and 4 meters width. It can contain about 50 people... 83,000 people live in the city of Ust Ilimsk. We ask you to pray for this need that the Lord open ways and opportunities for buying this apartment for the church. The price of the apartment will grow, and in future, for example in 3 years, it can cost 3,5 million rubles and can be sold in order to build the house for the church. But God's will be done!”

I have personally spoken with Sergei and have been assured that the saints in Siberia are contributing to this need as they are able. But their means are meager (poor saints in Siberia!), and in need of help if they are to make this purchase. Because they are an unregistered church, the purchase will be made in the name of 3 men, one of whom will be Sergei. Owners of property are allowed to use it as they wish, which will allow this room to be used for the meeting of the church.

Community Baptist Church will be collecting funds through the end of April. Once Sergei assures us that our funds added to others that are received (e.g., $2,500 already committed from a church in England) are sufficient, we will wire the money and report to all contributors. Should there not be sufficient funds, we will return all contributions to the contributors.

Update: Great news! The report has come that all funds have been raised and even more than needed, and the excess will be used toward acquiring facilities for another church in Siberia.

Kyle White, in support of struggling churches in Siberia

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