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Thankful, Active, Though Still Recovering

Paul Snider

We serve a loving God who is love, sovereign, holy, righteous, just, and kind. There is never a moment that His love ceases to care for His people. That's who God is and that infinite nature, attribute, and character that He alone possesses is solely His and His alone. Through His Son He exposes that love to us by not only saving us from our spiritually dead condition, but also lavishes us with so many gifts in this earthly life to serve Him that we can do nothing but praise and glorify Him. I say all of that because I am awestruck by how He continually takes care of us. I sure don't have the strength within myself to press on if not for the love of Christ poured out on me. That is a beautiful truth and one we must talk about in our daily service to Him.

We Have Moved

I write this update from Radford, VA at the HeartCry office. We have been here five days now (8/13/20) and are settling in to our new surroundings. We are very thankful for all of you that have been praying for us, especially about this move to VA. When will we go back to Papua? We are not sure. My health is still not ready. Pray we can return once my health is stable. However, I want to stay as active as possible while I recover, so this is a great move for us to help in anyway we can for the Kingdom here in Radford, especially in the work of foreign missions. All of my treatments and therapies for my eyes and facial nerves were put on hold due to Covid. We are praying that my neurologist will be able to start treatment the end of this month. I am still suffering from depression and anxiety and my iron levels are still low, but I am happy to bear anything the Lord brings by His sovereign decree for the sake of His name. People ask me all the time, "As sick as you have been, would you do it all again if you knew you would go through so much sickness?" My answer is always a quick, "Yes!" I would gladly give another lifetime of sickness to see the Korowai people come to know the Savior. Please pray daily for the Korowai people as the HeartCry men and women labor to continue the teaching and work in the Northern Korowai.

Pray for Yus, Epi, and Rut Weya (pictured above). Yus is still having trouble with his kidney stone. He is monitoring his infection in Sentani. He is itching to return to Mabuwage. Epi has also been sick with typhus. Pray for her health also. Yus is ready to dive back into the work. The Mabuwage people are waiting for him to lead the dedication of the new worship building. Mabuwage has been several months without the Bible teaching. Please pray for the Mabuwage people and that the teaching can continue once Yus is healed.

Continue to pray for Jimmy & Perin (also Sadrak, their son). Jimmy is now making plans to return to Danowage after being away for some time. Flights have now opened back up for passengers. While Jimmy has been away, Perin has been busy. She has continued teaching the children and overseeing the dorm. Pray for their health. This is a difficult place to serve.

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