Paul Snider

You are very kind and encouraging to us because of your prayers for the family and I . I really have a hard time writing the words to express our thankfulness for you as you support us in prayer. Also, I don't know how to write in words and describe how much I miss the HeartCry Evangelists and the Korowai, especially the believers. Please pray for them daily that they would be kept from the evil one and they will be guarded from false doctrine. Below, I want to update you on several things that you can pray for.

First, many of you are continually asking about my health. I am very thankful to have the mental energy to write this update for you. My new diet has helped my energy levels. I can now take walks and carry something without aching all day. I just have to take it slow. My mental clarity has seemed to improve a bit, however, I did score very low on my brain test. I am still battling depression and anxiety even on medication. Please pray for this. I wake up and cry all day not knowing why. Again, Patricia is always there to comfort me when I go through those times. She is a loving wife (pray for her). God has been good to give her to me. Also, I have been treated for parasites because my white blood cells are too high. My neurologist wants to start laser treatments for my eyes, facial nerves, and muscles as soon as he receives my blood work. The multiple supplements I am taking are hopefully helping my absorption problems. I do know that I need time to recover and the Lord is giving me patience through your prayers because I long to return to the work. There is nothing greater than to preach the gospel and teach biblical doctrine. Pray for Marianne. We have seen a decrease in her anger over movements and noises. They still bother her very much, however, she has been much calmer as of late. She is also doing better in her schooling. The Lord is answering your requests for her.

Secondly, I am sad and have shed many tears over Yus Weya. Before the virus took effect in Indonesia, he flew to Bandung with 2 other Korowai and 13 other Papuan evangelists for an 8 month Bible course arranged by a former Papuan church leader. Yus sent me some of the material that they were learning and to my horror it was health and wealth teaching from a school based out of Australia. Plus, the teachers are not even trained in theology. I quickly emailed the church leaders to warn them of this heresy and this church leader became very angry with me and accused me of horrible things. Yus is ready to fly back to Papua on April 10th. I am also trying to get the other two Korowai men to leave with Yus. What could have been a blessed time in the Word for these men has turned out to be very dangerous for them. Please pray that God will guard these men from false teaching and allow Yus and the others to get back to Papua. Pray for Epi Weya, she is taking care of her mom in a hospital near Sentani. Yus longs to get back to help and return to Mabuwage.

Lastly, Wahyu Tahamo will be taking his 2 month internship the first week of June. As you know, I am putting him through Bible School in Sentani. He will fly to the Korowai and to the highlands to minister the word under the supervision of Jimmy Weya. Please pray for Jimmy and Perin Weya. They are swamped with much labors in the village. The Korowai area can cause severe fatigue and eventually collapse from all the work load.

Please keep Paul, Trish, the kids and the work in Papua in your prayers. - Missions Editor

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