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The Wretched Woman of
John Eight

By Charles D. Alexander

......the only real doctrinal variations proposed by the three codices as against the Received Text, ATTACK THE DOCTRINE OF THE HOLY TRINITY AND IN PARTICULAR THE ONE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST’S DEITY.

Holy Scriptures: Text

By Tom Henry

Attention! Attention!

"The mouth of the LORD hath spoken it." (Isaiah 1:20)

Holy Scriptures: Text

Ron Staley

How Firm A Foundation

We could never have the spiritual understanding and heart knowledge that the Word of God is indeed word for word inspired by God, or have any true knowledge of its contents, without the work of God in the soul. When the spiritual factor is removed for a purely academic one, the life is also removed. The spiritual factor is the Divinely given heart-knowledge that rests in the faith that “God gave the Word”; that God keeps His own Word; that we may fully trust in the One revealed therein.

Holy Scriptures: Text
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