Missionary Reports

Please pray for these men and women as they seek to do critical gospel work around the world.


In the city of Ferrol in northwestern Spain, our small Reformed Baptist group of five is the only Baptist congregation in the city and its surrounding communities with a total population of 160,000.


We are thankful to our Lord for granting us His precious presence and His joy as we minister among many enemies of the Gospel.

Papua, Indonesia

Laboring in Pain and Fatigue



The young man’s face was usually jovial and smiling, but that day it was solemn and earnest. “Thank you,” he said, “for coming to teach us. I have never heard the Bible taught so clearly like this.”

Papua, Indonesia

You are very kind and encouraging to us because of your prayers for the family and I . I really have a hard time writing the words to express our thankfulness for you as you support us in prayer.


I wanted to send you a brief update on our situation here in Spain to ask prayer for a few items. I am thankful to report that at the present time, Paola, Melody and I are well, and so are the members of our congregation in Málaga.



We are trying to keep up with the many changes as the government here has declared a State of Emergency and new rules seem to roll out daily.

Papua, Indonesia

Siberian Church in Great Need


Please pray. Pray for strength. There is still more to do for the kingdom of God here in the area we are. Pray for the Brethren in AguaCaliente.



I anticipate that there will be a pushback when we begin to teach on Biblical church government and authority. It could be that some of the people will want to leave.


We are thankful that we have been able to start rescheduling the meetings that were previously cancelled when all of this started.

Spanish Speakers In Oklahoma

All of the men in the group are immigrants of Guatemala....one of the brothers is faithfully studying to prepare himself to return to his homeland one day to preach theGospel.


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