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It is the end of March and we are, as many of you, self isolating in our home to help curb the spread of Covid-19. We are trying to keep up with the many changes as the government here has declared a State of Emergency and new rules seem to roll out daily. It seems, though we are on the other side of the world, that many of us are going through similar conditions right now. We are praying for those in American and we ask for your continued prayers for those of us on the mission field overseas. Only the Lord knows the extent of this virus, but He is still on the throne, He is in control, and all things will be done according to His will! Many have pleaded with us to come “home” during this time and while we appreciate your concern and understand your desire to have us close, we feel this is where God has called us to be and we will continue to trust him here. Thailand officially went on “soft lockdown” the second week of March during which time all schools, including our language school, were closed. What a blessing it is to live in a time of great technology that allows us to continue our studies with our tutors who are graciously teaching from their personal homes. It is likely that our studies will continue this way through the end of May. We will be glad to return to a class setting but are grateful for the opportunity to press on during this time! February was a busy month full of rich blessings and was quickly followed by a rapid shift in our daily routines and schedules due to the virus and sorting out things with our language schools for March.

Below is an update on the villages and opportunities in February…


The first weekend in February we traveled to the village of Bonshaw (Bow-Saw) which is located near the Myanmar border, about five and a half hours from Chiang Mai. Please pray for their Pastor Eh Caw. He lives in Myanmar and crosses the border to pastor the church. This border is now currently closed due to the virus, so please be in prayer for the church there as well! What a precious church this is and we are so thankful for their faithfulness to the Lord.


The following week we were at Canaan, which is one of the most remote villages we travel to. They asked Bro Paul and I to come and help with baptizing 15 believers who professed faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! I spoke to you in one of the past prayer letters about this church and her new pastor, Bro. Jacob. The Lord seems to be blessing them and adding to this small church. Please pray for the new believers, the church, and their pastor.


This precious church is still without a pastor and had many questions regarding the Lord’s Supper. They asked if we could come to preach and give instruction on this ordinance. They had not been observing it and desired to be obedient b u t d i d n ’ t r e a l l y understand how to go about it. I am so thankful that this church desires to do what our Lord commanded.

MAE HANG The Lord has opened up a door to the new Lahu village of Mae Hang. The village has a church building, but they have not had anyone to hold services for at least three years. There is only one professing Christian in the village of several hundred people. At the end of February, we joined the Brown’s and held a Bible camp for two Saturdays for the children in the village. After the first camp, the man asked us to come the following Sunday to have services. We showed up the next day and held services with him and over fifty children. Many of their parents also came and heard the gospel! Please pray the Lord would save souls in Mae Hang. Please pray the Lord would start a Church here. Please pray that the Lord would allow us to go back soon!!


Also, please be in prayer regarding our visas. In February we were granted our second round of 90 day visas. We were hoping to be given a year this time but 90 more days is all they would do. We go back again in May to request another 90 days. After that, we hope to be approved for one year visas. Going to immigration is taxing and expensive…Brittany, myself, and the kids spent 12 hours sitting in the immigration office and it costs us around $350 dollars for each extension period so it is a much better deal when we can get a year on our extension rather than 90 days! We are truly blessed and happy to comply as this is the very thing that allows us to remain in the country of Thailand. However, we will all breath a little easier when this becomes a yearly process rather than something we do every 3 months.

In closing, I want to thank each of you for your continued prayers and support. Feel free to call or email me at any time, it is always an encouragement for me to here from you! Additionally, please remember to visit our website for more photos and videos as well as links to previous prayer letters -

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