In Psalm 86:9 King David confidently asserts: “All nations whom thou hast made shall come and worship before thee, O Lord; and shall glorify thy name.” That is our glorious and sure hope in the work of missions! Thank you for helping to send us, so that souls might hear, and believe, and worship our worthy LORD! 

In this first letter of the new year, I will try to give an overview of all of our work. One hundred percent of our ministry is conducted in Spanish. 

Our Sunday worship continues with the blessing of the Lord. It is a joy to report that the Lord has added 2 new souls to our group that meets each week. All who attend express that they are burdened to walk in serious devotion to the Lord, and faithful service. They enthusiastically take notes of every word that I speak in each message, and diligently read on their own through the week. They give testimony regarding the lost souls that they witness to each week. I rejoice in all that I see the Lord doing in their lives. 

All of the men in the group are immigrants of Guatemala. I have mentioned before that one of the brothers is faithfully studying to prepare himself to return to his homeland one day to preach the Gospel. He mentioned that a series of messages that I gave recently on the subject of Missions served to increase that burden in his heart. 

As I mentioned in the last prayer letter, we transitioned from English classes on Wednesday evenings (with Gospel preaching included) to a more traditional prayer meeting. I would like to restart some ESL classes on a different night, as the Lord enables. But it is sweet to hear these brethren lifting their hearts in prayer each week. 

Some of them repainted our meeting room recently. It was very well done, and looks very nice. The sisters are working on some décor to hang and finish the new appearance of the room. 

I regularly receive good reports from different areas of Mexico where we worked in the past. It looks like I may be traveling down for a couple of special Bible conferences there this year. 

In the last letter I mentioned that I would be preaching again in the annual Bible conference in Nuevo Progreso. The conference was well attended, and there were abundant testimonies of appreciation. It was sweet fellowship for Janet and me to be able to spend several days there. There were brethren in attendance from at least 7 different cities, and 9 pastors present. I have attached a couple of pictures. My topics were assigned to me: 1) Preach the Truth to a world that prefers the Lie; 2) The Government, Offices and Activities of the Local Church; and 3) Manifesting the Character of the Savior. That was a lot to squeeze into 3 messages! 

Our webpage Riquezas de Gracia is still attracting traffic. But the page crashed recently, and was offline for awhile. Kirk (my son in law) was able to get some of the main pages back online, but it still needs some major work to get it fully functional and updated. I can do some of the work, but Kirk takes care of the complicated parts. Please pray for us to get this taken care of. It is a great asset for spreading the word in this technological age. 

Ministry at the federal prison each Thursday evening has grown too. I go to the chapel and teach whoever shows up. I have a couple of men who have been solid for several years now. Several have spent a few years with us before being released (pray for them!). A couple of months ago 2 more began coming, and a month later, 2 more. Last week another came who says he plans to come every week. I am confident that several of them are genuine believers. In every case, the Lord is glorified when the Gospel is preached to the lost. 

I am going to attach a pdf file to the email delivering this letter. It is a Reading Guide for the whole Bible that I have been working on for several years. If you will read through the Bible using this guide, I promise you will gain some new clarity in understanding Bible history. It is 15 pages; not a small leaflet where you check off the daily reading. I encourage you to plan for at least 30 minutes reading each day. I have revised it over and over, and continue to find some things that I need to change or improve. But I feel like it is suitable now to distribute, knowing I will probably send out another revision later. I welcome any comments or corrections that you would like to send me. 

Again I ask that you please pray also that the Lord would give us a few new churches contributing monthly financial support. Our support has declined some over the last couple of years, reducing our work fund. 

Brethren, pray for us! We greatly appreciate your prayers for us, for our health, for our family, and for the ministry here. 

Yours by His grace, 

Danny G. Roten 

Danny Roten

C/O Sherwood Baptist Church 

3313 NW 32nd St. 

Newcastle, OK 73065



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