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Get to know the churches within the Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship

"The reasons I found to stay with Sovereign Grace Baptist Church was the preaching and teaching of the gospel, the fellowship of the believers, love of the brethren, and a true desire that the lost come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ"

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Calvary Baptist Church was constituted in 1927 as a church plant. It was Southern Baptist up until the mid-20th century. What may be more important is the Church's role in growth of the doctrines of grace during the latter half of the century.

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Keeping the unity of the Spirit has been a primary endeavor in this church. We must maintain unity as we grow in the faith and serve together.


In the providence of God, New Hope Baptist Church was organized and constituted on April 7, 1974, under the authority and approval of Wayside Baptist Tabernacle of Lexington, NC, where my wife and I were members before moving to Virginia.

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Our church has been a member of the SGBF for 17 years. We were at the first annual meeting in Saint Louis on September 11, 2001. After many years of unwanted isolation and very little fellowship with other churches, we had found a group of like-minded churches with whom we could link hands.

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Great Light Baptist Church began about seven and a half years ago by a man who embraced the Doctrines of Grace. Our church continues to appreciate the connection that we have with SGBF.

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