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Strange Times in America

By Tom Henry

“The First Amendment was not written because the Founders were anti-religious, but precisely because they favored religion and religious freedom. Today, the foundations for religious freedoms are being eroded. The secular-socialist leftists have twisted the meaning of the First Amendment to fit a post-modern world they are endeavoring to create.”

Civil Government and The Church: Text

Masks, Meetings and Mandates

By Ryan Butler

“We see in Scripture that God has given the church specific directives for her ordering, and the state ought to respect this. For instance, the church has jurisdiction, not the state, to appoint qualified men (Titus 1:5). God orders those men to lead His congregations in the preaching and teaching of the Word, prayer, singing, the ordinances, etc. Not so the state. But this does not mean that the state has no discretion to regulate (temporarily and in a limited way) the church during times of widespread severe crises when the well-being of all citizens is at stake.”

Civil Government and The Church: Text
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