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Accomplishment in the Philippines

From Dr. Barry G. Carpenter

Grace Baptist Church - GBC is now completely self-sufficient and self-supporting. This is a great accomplishment, in my mind. It should be the goal of every missionary to plant churches that will eventually be independent of any outside support.

Glorious Grace Baptist Church - The elders of GBC and I held an examination and ordination service on Sept. 6 for Denmark. He will now be serving in an official capacity as my co-elder. The goal will be to transition him to be the main pastor and raise leaders in the church to work with him. If God would allow this to happen, I can phase myself out of GGBC and look for an opportunity to plant another church.

Land - We are awaiting the deed for the property. This can take up to three months. Our next step will be to access what is needed for drainage and landfilling. GBC has a member who is an engineer and we hope to enlist his aid. The car has been out of service for a few weeks now. I have not been able to get it to a mechanic. It seems like a transmission issue. Not having the car has prevented me from being able to revisit the land.

Phase II: Building Project - I anticipate we will be giving details of this effort in the coming months. Pastor Mark Liddle (Dominion Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL area) has some ideas. We certainly welcome the input of anyone else, as well.

Grace- My Wife - I mentioned before that Grace has not been well. For the last five months, she has been sick. The situation has not improved. In lieu of going to the hospital, we spent the last three days in a hotel (for comfort, access to better quality food, etc.). Please pray that we would have wisdom in deciding the best course of action, for her stamina and that she would continue to find peace of mind and joy, despite the circumstances.

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