Grace Baptist Church: GBC has moved out of our house and is meeting downtown. They are renting a room by the week. This is not stable and will place added financial strain on the church. At this point, there is nothing else we can do. We continue to pray for the funds we need for land, a building, and housing.

We do have a major issue to deal with in the near future and prayers would be appreciated. I anticipate that there will be a pushback when we begin to teach on Biblical church government and authority. It could be that some of the people will want to leave. Please pray that we can maintain the people and that they will submit to the Scripture. I know there are landmines ahead, but I could not be more encouraged on the work that God is doing there.

BUILDING FUND: We currently have a total of about $16,000 toward our Phase 1 goal of $50,000. I am very encouraged by Churches who are collecting coins and finding creative ways to assist this effort.

Support should be sent to:

Dominion Baptist Church

80 Davis Road 

Vincent, AL 35178



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