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Laboring Under Severe Affliction

A Special Note Concerning the Labors of Andres Galiviz in Mexico

"For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil." 1 Peter 3:12

Dear Brethren in Christ,

We are thankful for the longsuffering and great mercy of the Lord. We note His kind favor in trials as well as in times of refreshing. Once again we are thankful that our loving Father puts us and the villages on your hearts and moves all of you to remember us before the throne of grace. Also we are grateful for so many well wishes and kind notes we have received from the time of Andres’ latest surgical intervention in April and his long recuperation. Thank you.

We have waited until now to send out this prayer letter to first see how Andres was recuperating , secondly to finish as best as we could the projects that so many of you gave towards. It took us quite a while to complete the house (we had contractors come in and put up the new siding), paint it (Damaris and I did this to save money) and then install the new 3,000 gallon water tank along with the a water line of 1,203 yards (1,100 meters) in length (It was not easy to bury the line and in some places impossible to bury because of the rocky mountain side). We have also fenced off now about 5 acres of land.

Lately Andres has been preaching for the past several weeks on the Glory of God from the text John 17:24-27. He is wanting to teach on several basic subjects again to build up and give the brethren once again the firm foundation that they can stand on no matter what the future may bring. He has to teach sitting but he is determined to continue until he can no longer sit...he says that once he can't sit he will recline as our Lord and His disciples did to eat until his voice is gone. The Lord knows how He will use His servant and what he will permit. One of the things Andres has an urgency in his heart is to do as much as he can while his strength lasts...similar to redeeming the time. He has been obtaining books, commentaries and other material to give to poor pastors around us and in southern Mexico. Also he is trying to collect a few to leave a small library for the men in the church. We just mailed 4 books to Tabasco. The pastor there called Andres asking for help to obtain a certain book that we had gotten for him a couple of years ago. Four men who are studying the scriptures, etc... wanted a copy of it. We couldn't find it anymore in print but we did find a PDF form so we had it printed out and bound sending it to them. They are asking that Andres (Damaris and myself also) visit them. He has asked them to pray as we are also. He would like to go later this year before his strength gives out or the cardiologist says he can't fly. It has been at least 3 years that he hasn't been able to visit the brethren in Tabasco. We shall see what the Lord provides. Last week Andres had a cardiologist appointment. He now depends 92% on the ICD. The doctor had to make dosage adjustments to his medications. He is now taking more of two of them. But we are very thankful how the Lord has kept His servant functional, has kept him alive. It is truly marvelous, yet why should we marvel, God is able to do this small thing and so much more. The cardiologist just shakes his head, smiles and says that he is astounded how Andres' heart , weak though it is, is still beating. God is our God and we are thankful. There is still more to do. Please pray. Pray for strength. There is still more to do for the kingdom of God here in the area we are. Pray for the Brethren in AguaCaliente. It isn't easy for them to see their beloved teacher slowly weakening. Many things have changed for them. Andres used to be able to go into the other villages to pick up the young, the weak and infirmed. But since the doctor has said he can't drive in those types of circumstances to get into the villages because of the stress, many are now helping out each other riding in on horses, many walking 2 kilometers over the mountain to church and then back home. It is good to see the faithfulness of the brethren. Please pray as the Lord leads for Damaris' project, for us as a family. Please pray for a possible trip to Tabasco. One more thing I would ask for prayer. The meds for benevolence are gone. I would ask you to pray that we will be able to obtain funds and buy some to be able to help in times of need. Also pray about our support. We have lost a little, the Lord knows this and we wait on Him. Once again we thank you for your love, for your caring for us and the ministry here. Walking steadfastly in God's work for His honor and glory, Andrés, Rhonda and Dámaris

Andres Galaviz

C/O Community Baptist Church

P.O. Box 904

Elmendorf, Texas 78112 

Phone: 210-621-2110

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