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The Sovereign Grace Messenger is a publication of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship. It exists to the praise and glory of God alone for the edification and good of His people in Christ Jesus our Lord. It is our desire to distribute it to as many people as possible, with the fervent hope that it will be spiritually enriching to all who receive it. We make no subscription charge for the Messenger and there are no paid advertisements. We only ask that its contents be read. No one receives any monetary benefit from its publication. All who labor toward its publishing and all who write articles printed in it do so without any compensation, so that no individual involved benefits personally from it.

The Sovereign Grace Messenger seeks to promote the expressed purpose of The Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship. They are as follows:

  • To establish and maintain a Fellowship of Baptist pastors and churches which believe that salvation rests ultimately in the sovereign grace of God;

  • To provide a medium for fellowship and mutual encouragement so that such pastors and churches may be edified in love and grace;

  • To cooperate together in the carrying out of the Great Commission in those areas that cannot well be accomplished alone, namely the following areas: world missions, church planting, the education of aspiring, God-called ministers; To assist one another in the maintenance and promotion of sound biblical doctrine and practice in ways deemed necessary and right in the honest light of Holy Scripture.

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by Outgoing Chairman Kyle White

A cooperative ministry of The Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship that seeks to aid churches of like faith and practice that are in need.

Find out more about the local churches that make up The Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship.

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