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Annual Meeting of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship

September 13-15, 2021

Cedar Grove Baptist Church

8253 Highway 96 (4 miles west of) 

Millport, Alabama 35576

John Hunter, Pastor

As pastor of the host church, it is a real pleasure to report on the annual meeting of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship, held at Cedar Grove Baptist Church of Millport, Alabama. The meetings were pure joy! The music provided by Morry and Dottie Knudsen from Bridgetown Baptist Church was a blessing as we lifted our voices to the Lord in praise. 

Representatives of approximately 15 Churches met Monday evening and heard a message from Mark Liddle, Pastor at Dominion Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, who spoke on “Defining the Church”. 

Tuesday morning we began the day with a message on “The Church's Mission,” brought by Todd Bryant, Pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Northport, Alabama. The morning continued with reports from the churches of the Fellowship and prayer for each one. 

After a dinner served by the membership of Cedar Grove, we conducted the business meeting of the Fellowship. We re-elected the current officers: Al Garard, Chairman; Ryan Butler, Vice Chairman; Larry Dean, Secretary; and Ron Staley, Treasurer. 

Two new Churches were added to the membership: Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Big Creek Road from Hornel, New York, pastored by James Anderson; and Calvary Baptist Church of Lamar, Colorado, pastored by Jeffrey Alexander. 

The evening message was brought by Curtis Knapp, pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas on “The Church's Dogma and Soul Liberty”. The last message Wednesday morning was brought by Larry Dean, pastor of Bridgetown Baptist Church of Nesbit, Mississippi, on the subject of “The Pastor as Member and Leader of the Church”. Reports were then given of the mission works supported by the churches of the Fellowship with prayer for each missionary and mission work being given. 

All of the messages were well delivered under God's evident blessing and the fellowship was sweet. Many didn't seem to want the meetings to end.

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