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The First Amendment was not written because the Founders were anti-religious, but precisely because they favored religion and religious freedom.

Shortened and easy to read works by men concerned with the glory of God and your spiritual growth

This young missionary and his family are in great need after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Please help!

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The theme for this year’s meeting: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in the church body.

Get to know Great Light Baptist Church Springfield, Missouri - Al Garard, Pastor

We see in Scripture that God has given the church specific directives for her ordering, and the state ought to respect this.


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It is our desire to publish The Sovereign Grace Messenger three times yearly. This depends upon sufficient funds being received by contribution to the Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship (SGBF) general fund and those specially designated for the Messenger.

We thank those churches and individuals who give to the support of this endeavor. Our God has enabled this work to proceed by providing the laborers, writers, and contributors who support it. If God so enables and you feel led to give to this outreach, please send all contributions to: 

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